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Dr Shelley Sykes is currently the World’s only Award Winning Author to win 5 USA Book Awards in 1 year for 5 different books in their individual categories!

Shelley has written 24 books to date, 10 of which are cook books, 3 are travel books including children’s travel book Round the World with Rory, 7 are inspirational on lifestyle, love, fashion and beauty, and 2 are action and adventure Aliens in Heels and Happy Sexy Rich.


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Author Shelley Sykes’s books Callum’s Cure and Happy Sexy Rich have been optioned for movies. All Shelley communicates by Word with her books, TV/Videos with her shows, Audio Books and Music. The simplest way to communicate is to know your audiences. Shelley specializes in communicating with rhythm to the kids and as an Expert by Experience to the adults. Her first five books won 5 USA Book Awards, her first two songs debuted on Australian Idol and Australia’s Got Talent, and one of very few women who have received CSP (Certified Speaker Professional) Award for her commitment to expressing culture and communication to the Fortune 100 companies.

Shelley Sykes is a great storyteller, stories that make laugh cry, dance, and feel inspired. Whether as a voice animator, mermaid, seahorse, little girl, car, or badger Shelley’s tonality brings the words off the page into life.